Market-leading EV charging capabilites

TX features the most flexible on-board charging system of any commercial EV, so whatever the opportunity to plug-in, TX has a compatible connector and on-board charger. For even greater flexibility, if you're not able to stop & top-up your battery during the day, you can still travel 377 miles before you need to plug-in again thanks to the range extender

Home charging

The easiest and cheapest way to charge TX is at home
To facilitate charging at home we've partnered with the UK’s leading supplier of home wall box chargers, Chargemaster, to provide a reliable, affordable, one-stop solution for owners.
Through this partnership, a 7kW wall box will cost just £299 and include a 5 year warranty.
Charging overnight at the national average electricity price of 12p per kW, a full charge can cost around £3. If you're on an Economy 7 tariff, you may be able to charge at home at the lowest off-peak prices, usually overnight while you're in bed.

On-street charging
22kW - 11kW fast on-street charging, ideal for topping up the battery during the day .
Drivers can recharge 60% of the battery during a quick 45 minutes lunch break - that's the equivalent of 50 miles electric range.
Unlike other electric vehicles, the dual on-board inverter chargers in TX allow drivers to harness the full charging rate available - meaning the taxi can use all of the available current to recharge the battery quicker.
There are more than 7,000+ Public Fast connectors available in the UK and it is expected that 22kW charging will be the ‘minimum standard’ globally for future electric vehicle infrastructure.