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Used TX4 taxis

Pay as little as £99 per week* for the TX4 London taxi. Get in contact with us below to find out more.

Look at the table below for our current stock availability.

Reg No
Cost Per Week
LT17 YZW Used   Elegance Black 117,888 £129 pw
LT17 ZCO Used   Elegance Blue 103,413 £129 pw
LP66 UYY Used   Elegance Black 99,102 £125 pw
LP66 UZJ Used   Elegance Black 86,720 £125 pw
LP66 UZL Used   Elegance Black 78,904 £127 pw
LR66 HBH Used   Elegance Black 106,708 £125 pw
LR66 GZG Used   Elegance Black 89,478 £125 pw
LR66 HCD Used   Elegance Black 75,938 £127 pw
LP66 UZX Used   Elegance Black 50,095 £129 pw
LS15 GFY Used   Elegance Black 109,847 £69 pw


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Call us on 0208 692 1122 if you're looking to purchase an approved used TX4 taxi.



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